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Building Regulations

Most people who are planning to carry out works to their own properties or commercial premises assume that they have to put a Building Regulations application into the Local Authority.  To find out which Local Authority you come under, go to  There is an alternative and has been for 10 years.  The Blair Government changed the legislation to allow private surveying practices to carry out the same role as the Local Authority.  These new companies are known as Approved Inspectors.  A list can be found on

There are advantages for both options.  The benefits of using the Local Authority are local knowledge and immediate availability for site inspections. For commercial organisations an A.I. may offer benefits as they can use the same A.I. anywhere in the country so if you a nationally organisation such as Tesco, you can use the same AI for building work in any part of the UK (except Scotland).

We can help you with the paperwork, irrespective of whether you opt to use the Local Authority or an Approved Inspector.  Please contact me for options.

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