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Fire Engineering Reports

Converting an office to flats?  Changing a house to bedsits??   There are different rules for every situation.  Donít leave compliance with the fire documentation to chance. Most builders have a reasonable idea of what is required but when the Building Inspector turns up on site you want to be sure that everything is correct first time.

Fire safety is an extensive area with regulations such as Approved Document B being very restrictive when it comes to the design of buildings, especially where you have an Architect who is creating something innovative or unusual.  If you find yourself in this situation, then itís worth talking to someone who can give you advice and practical guidance, and help you wade through the various regulations that you need to comply with.

Even simple projects like loft conversions can confuse. Approved Document B allows you to either have mains maintained smoke detectors in all the habitable rooms as well as having a heat detector in the kitchen (you donít want the toaster setting it off every time) or fire doors to all the habitable rooms and smoke detectors to all the landings.

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